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Mission: To present and launch the new beach destination in Skanör Falsterbo, Sweden during a week of presentations, parties and beach clubs in a creative and innovative way. The challenge being both reaching a commercial target aswell as attracting business to business clients on an international level.

Eventolution: We created 5 days and nights of summer premieres. Events, meetings, parties and designed arrangements. A high image launch party with selected dj´s and live music entertainment. We consulted the clients for 3 months prior, regarding the concept, content and public relations.

Added great value to the brand experiences throughout all the events. We created parts of the advertising campaign and boosted all social media with designed content (copy+photography) during 6 active weeks to reach a maximum impact.

We consulted and created the values of a Beach Club for weekend events during the nightshift with great success all summer, and still do so today in partnership with

Content: Eventdesign, Audiodesign, Branding, Campaign, Cross Marketing, Concept, Entertainment, Musicproduction, Photography, Documentation, Production Management, Project Management, Scenography, Social Media, Staging, Sound & Lightdesign.