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Mission: To update and develop the communication and concepts for the vip club. To explore the market for future strategies.

Eventolution: We created a new graphic mindset and visuals for the entire communication. Redesigned the webplatform and social media in general. Created and managed the brand experience concepts and club for more than a year successfully. Produced VIP parties and events with entertainment, livemusic, dj live acts & prominent dj´s.

Content: Advertising, Audiodesign, Branding, Choreography, Consulting, Concept, Entertainment, Eventdesign, Eventproduction, Event Teams, Fashionshows, Films, Flashmob, Management, Motiongraphics, Multimedia, Musicproduction, Photography, Productionmanagement, Projectmanagement, Scenography, Social Media, Staging, Styling, Technicalmanagement, Webdesign.