Mission: To launch upgraded digital content and support events as consultants, To consult the management in the task of reconnecting with the existing market and also create a new target group. To develop the pre-campaigns regarding a new showroom and service center in Helsingborg-Sweden planned for the future. To develop the digital platform and create long-lasting content with new imagery on the management and staff. Create a number of digital films on demand and consult the productions.

Solution:  We consulted the marketing and event management during 3 months and created content – undercover and superlative copywriting and campaign work for more than 9 weeks through brand marketing on all digital platforms (films, visuals, images) aswell on selected sites with directed event teams and consultants. We supported a premieres and events, model releases and show spaces with personnel, urban interaction and event content.
We directed and consulted the marketing & event manager throughout the fieldwork regarding brand photography and digital films aswell as presenting various solutions for events and brand marketing on demand for 3 months.

Content: Advertising, Branding, Copywriting, Digital Interaction, Audiodesign, Concept, Design, Cross Marketing, Event Teams, Films, Images, Multimedia, Musicproduction, Photography, Productionmanagement, Projectmanagement, Public Relations, Print, Expo & Display, Roadshow, Scenography, Social Media,Content Consulting.