Mission:To create the marketing, branding and productions for a international and conceptual ABBA show. ABBASOLUTELY CHRISTMAS SHOW. To attract and brand the meeting point Malmömässan at Hyllie-in the south of Sweden as top of mind in Greater Copenhagen for shows, conferences and meetings. To shape this touring show into a total celebrating experience for aprox 5 000 happy ABBA fans and manage the event productions as consultants.

Solution: We created a bundle of dynamic and commercial campaigns and created attention through traditional channels, urban digital campaigns and guerrilla marketing on multiple platforms and destinations. Our creative team designed and produced innovative and entertaining photographic advertising material and digital films. Designed, styled, staged and choreographed a preparties. The headline show ABBASOLUTELY received standing ovations every night and the events had a follow up rate of 5.65 out of 6 in total.  The entire Brand Experience was boosted by styled multimedia and audio design. The show film was produced to PR the next coming show.

Content: Branding, Event Productions, Filmproduction, Photography, Consulting, Digital Campaigns, Crossmarketing, Copywriting, Graphics, Multimedia, Musicproduction, Audiodesign, Scripts, Productionmanagement, Projectmanagement, Event Personell, Styling, Staging, Scenography and Visuals.

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