Izakaya Koi


Mission: To update the inside business, the outside service and the general communication of this legendary japanese restaurant and nightclub. To reinvent and develop the brand and concept for the house. To attract more guests and create more loyalty to the brand aswell as upgrading the target group in general. Explore the market for future strategies within event and conferences. To consult the client and recruit professional people on demand.

Solution: We created a number of attractive new club concepts, changed the mindset of the staff and guests. We recruited new people to boost the business on a daily basis. Redesigned the communication platform and managed social media in general. Created all content. Redesigned the clubs image. Upgraded the routines and created sales points, successfully. Created and managed the brand experience concepts and club services for more than a year, as consultants. Produced VIP parties and conceptual events with entertainment, livemusic, dj live acts & prominent dj´s.

Content: Advertising, Audiodesign, Branding, Consulting, Concept, Campaigns, Entertainment, Eventdesign, Eventproduction, Event Teams, Films, Flashmob, Management, Motiongraphics, Multimedia, Musicproduction, Photography, Production Management, Project Management, Recruitment, Scenography, Social Media, Staging, Styling, Technical Management, Visuals.

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