Kol & Cocktails


Mission: To present and launch the new restaurant concept KOL & COCKTAILS in Malmö, Sweden. The challenge being both reaching a commercial target aswell as attracting business to business clients on an international level.

Solution: We created all premiere events the first week and then premium parties and clubs all year. A high image launch party with selected dj´s and live music entertainment. Providing VIP guestlists and invitations as well as musicdesign and entertainment from the premier events to every day week productions. We consulted the clients before in Helsingborg for their first KOL destination for more than 3 years. Our team managed their music, dj bookings and more. For the second opening we consulted the owners for 3 months prior, regarding the concept, content and public relations, and still do so today. We managed recruitment and coaching of personnel for bars, service and the nightshift. Added great value to the venue throughout our network and inviting our vip lists. We boosted all social media with documentation, photography and created teams for the nightshift. We managed all bookings for the entertainment, live bands and dj´s + performers to reach a maximum impact on a daily basis. The restaurant was voted the best in town these first years.

Content: Branding, Eventdesign, Audiodesign, Cross Marketing, Concept, Entertainment, Musicproduction, Photography, Documentation, Personell Recruitment, Coaching, Production Management, Project Management, Scenography, Social Media Content, Staging, Sound & Lightdesign.

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