Mission: To create and produce a fashion show for Scandinavia with hairstyle clinics, presenting the new trends and products with theme directives from the creative studio group in Paris and the Swedish director.

Solution: We styled, coordinated, choreographed and produced a succesfull international brand show in Stockholm and Gothenburg in cooperation with the Swedish studio team, for 900 invited Scandinavian hairstylists at the time. Our styling team and on stage brand experts-performers was mixed with a group of new talented dancers from the Gothenburg Ballet Academy, for a colorful, energetic and dynamic brand experience.

Content: Branding, Choreography, Clinics, Consulting, Crossmarketing, Entertainment, Eventdesign, Eventproduction, Event Teams, Fashionshows, Incentive, Motiongraphics, Multimedia, Musicproduction, Productionmanagement, PR-show, Roadshow, Staging, Styling, Technicalmanagement.

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