Mission: To support and inspire the marketgroup of Newsec during a rebranding of a larger shopping center in Greater Copenhagen, Malmö-Sweden. To develop the marketplace through innovative brand experiences and fashionable, styled displays and merchandising. To maintain the consumers interest of the marketplace during a longer period of rebuilding and architectual changes being made. To develop the advertising and the commercial content on a digital manner aswell as through physical actions.

Solution: We updated all commercial images being used in advertising and display campaigns. Created all new concepts for the public communication. We produced active brand experiences and branded events on a weekly basis to support the advertising campaigns. We managed all windows and display areas being visually styled on an international level. We created and performed digital and physical campaigns. We produced styled pop-up shops and boosted the public areas through crossmarketing and partnerships.

Content: Advertising, Branding, Brand development, Campaign, Choreography, Crossmarketing, Concept, Design, Digiphysical productions, Directmarketing, Displays, Entertainment, Eventdesign, Eventproduction, Event Teams, Fashionshows, Films, Flashmobs, Graphics, Guerillamarketing, Images, Interactive, Displays, Magazine, Motiongraphics, Multimedia, Musicproduction, Photography , Productionmanagement, Pop-Up shops , Projectmanagement, Print, Expo & Display, Scenography, Social Media Content, Styling, Technicalmanagement, Visuals.

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