Safe Solutions

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Mission: To rebrand the company. Design a brand new version, 2.0 of branding, for this upcoming new security company in Sweden with a unique security solution for the world market. To further attract companies to get excited, interested and finally buy the products and services of Safe Solutions.

Solution: We created innovative digital brand stories, filmed in various locations with the main product. Safe Solutions team professionals working with the system and showing its unique features through interviews, graphics, voice over in a dramatic yet realistic manner. We created corporate photography and creative copywriting and updated the logo and all graphics in the brand manual.  We consulted, created castings, wrote scripts, directed and produced these digital films that made a significant difference in exposure, brand awareness, product knowledge and boosted sales like never before. The creative impact of our work attracted major clients in Scandinavia and Europe to the products and philosophy of Safe Solutions. See a film here.

Content: Branding, Film productions, Brand development, Logodesign, Corporate Photography, Choreography, Consulting, Casting, Styling, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Concept and Voiceover.

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