Mission: To create a new communication campaign for business to business interactions. To develop the image and content of salesmaterial, conferences, meetings and events. To consult representatives within brand experiences and incentives.

Solution: We produced high image visuals and updated all print, expo and display products. We updated and redesigned all printed presentations and magazines. In cooperation with the managers we consulted and produced brand experience concepts, meetings and events for more than eight years successfully.

Content: Branding, Brand development, Campaign, Consulting, Copywriting, Concept, Conference, Congress, Design, Digiphysical productions, Displays, Entertainment, Eventdesign, Eventproduction, Graphics, Guerillamarketing, Incentives, Management, Magazine, Meetings, Multimedia, Photography, PR-show, Press meeting, Print, Expo & Display, Scenography, Staging, Technicalmanagement, Visuals.

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