Tailor Store


Mission: To develop the brand, upgrade the digital content in general and bring it up to an international level. To consult the marketing group and the production group and develop the marketing services and update the fashion level of the company and collections. To expose the brand and create crossmarketing solutions through brand experiences, selected ambassadeurs, digital content and styled events.

Solution: We composed different creative groups with fashion photographers and stylists to create international content and campaigns to raise an awareness of the brand and products. We coordinated and styled the collections and participated in recruiting ambassadeurs in the fashion and sports branches. We consulted and contributed to the the brand strategy, the brand development, the digital campaigns, the collections and the PR management. We product placed the brand with prominent brands in other branches through fashion and sporting events.

Content: Advertising, Branding, Brand development, Campaign, Choreography, Consulting, Crossmarketing, Copywriting, Concept, Design, Directmarketing, Displays, Eventdesign, Eventproduction, Event Teams, Graphics, Guerillamarketing, Images , Photography, Social Media Content, Styling.

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