Tesla Motors


Mission: To present and launch the most modern and innovative TESLA showroom and service center in Scandinavia. The challenge being both reaching a commercial target group and impressing the invited Tesla owners. Boosting press relations and design a business to business atmosphere yet a visually celebratory arrangement.

Solution: We created a designed Premiere Event. We presented a multimedia stage with speakers and mediapresentations that we staged and directed. Our team created model displays with light design and audio design with different themes. The creatives produced a documentary film and directed photography. The entire event being arranged and designed with audio, music, lights and futuristic multimedia solutions. Our choreagraphed and well directed event staff added great value to the brand experience throughout the arrangement. The studioteam created social media content (photography, digital films) to reach a maximum impact. The Brand Experience film from the campaign, enjoy it here: YouTube

Content: Branding, Event Design, Audiodesign, Model Displays, Eventproduction, Event Teams, Food & Beverage, Multimedia, Musicproduction, Photography, Productionmanagement, Projectmanagement, Print, Staging, Sound & Lightdesign, Technicalmanagement

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