Mission: To create brand experience concepts and branded events that adds real value to the market place. Develop the image and style of the shopping center through designed, fashionable and urban content that increase knowledge of the center and boost sales. Participation of inhouse branding for retail professionals through workshops and team branding.

Eventolution: We create and produce a variety of branded events and content for all target groups required for shoppping centers. Designed and styled in detail with every new season as inspiration. We have done so successfully for years. Our favourite brand experiences that we created so far is in the city, at the new Triangeln is Halloween, City Couture Shows, Street Fashion Shows, Christmas Events, Show Case Talent Shows, Betstreet Dance Contests and many more. We have created the brand experience campaigns from idea to production and added styled visuals, expo, creative displays, images, photography, digital films to boost every successful event. We also provide personal shoppers, editorial fashion content for magazines, workshops, team activities and staff parties as internal service, successfully.

Content: Brand Experiences, Branding, Campaign, Choreography, Cross Marketing, Concept, Digiphysical productions, Direct Marketing, Displays, Entertainment, EventDesign, Eventproduction, Event Teams, Fashionshows, Event Films, Flashmob, Graphics, Guerillamarketing, Images, Magazine Content, Multimedia, Musicproduction, Personal Shoppers, Photography, Productionmanagement, Projectmanagement, Scenography, Social Media Content, Staging, Styling.

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