Van Gils


Mission: To represent the iconic dutch menswear designers house in Breda, Netherlands and manage sales and branding in Sweden. Develop and coordinate the collections for the Swedish market and perform branding solutions within the premium segment. To create and develop the retail strategies and shop in shop concepts for the major fashion retailers in Sweden. To support the retailers with PR, branding, marketing and sales solutions for the success of Van Gils in Sweden. Since being founded, Van Gils has been the go-to place to shop for the fashionable and sophisticated man. Considered the best tailor with a unique and distinctive style and outstanding craftsmanship with an eye for detail. The premium collections provide men with that extra spark to stand out from the crowd. Celebrate success in life, with men’s fashion that makes you feel good about yourself. Made with quality fabrics and always with a cutting edge tailor heritage from 1948.

Solution: We created a dream team and a business plan after research and analysis. . A vision and strategy for the next coming years was initiated with active work from the showroom in Bella Center, Copenhagen. We will produce and perform branding and sales initiatives on a daily basis for Scandinavia in cooperation with the other brand managers. Van Gils’ mission is to support men on their road to success and celebrating life, providing tailored and smart casual collections with a creative and innovative design. The menswear brand is also very committed to the environment and strive to be as sustainable as possible. A philosophy that we strongly support.

Content: Branding, Brand development, Showroom service, Sales strategy, Sales execution, Campaign coordination , Brand  consulting, Cross marketing  Direct marketing, Fashionshows, Shop In Shop Concepts, Public relations, PR-strategy & Press meetings.

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